Company Strategy

For several decades the pharmaceutical industry has developed drugs that target (block) a single biological marker. These types of drugs often lack the ability to effectively address the complex and heterogeneous biology of cancer. Additionally, targeted drugs which block biological activity often have serious side effects that compromise quality of life. In cases where disease initially responds to targeted drugs, cancer often recurs in a more aggressive form, requiring therapies that work via different mechanisms. This serial application of targeted drugs is often inefficient and of limited value to patients. A new paradigm is needed.

Omnitura's drug development platform is designed to simultaneously deliver multiple therapeutic functions and act on multiple biological targets associated with cancer. This platform—which we we call Multifunctional Multitargeted (MFMT™)—has enabled the creation of Aneustat™, a novel multivalent immuno-oncology drug candidate. Pre-clinical and clinical data has demonstrated that Aneustat™ has the ability to simultaneously regulate (rather than block) numerous proteins associated with immune suppression and cancer promotion.

By possessing multiple therapeutic functions and working through a multiplicity of biological pathways, our multivalent immuno-oncology drugs represent an opportunity to significantly improve outcomes while minimizing side effects.

Company Overview

Omnitura Therapeutics Inc. was founded in 2001 as a subsidiary of Genyous Biomed International Inc. (Genyous) to commercialize a new class of oncology pharmaceuticals discovered by Genyous.

Genyous has performed extensive research to understand and exploit the key role of systems biology in disease development. This includes multiple effects observed on the immune system and extensive biomarker data collected from in vivo and ex vivo trials.

Genyous's Multifunctional Multitargeted (MFMT™) drug development platform enabled the creation of multivalent immuno-oncology drugs.

Since inception, Omnitura has achieved extraordinary results through a collaborative research approach. We have partnered with like-minded thought leaders in scientific and medical fields to validate our discovery and development programs.

In 2004 Omnitura spun out of Genyous and now operates as an independent company.

Omnitura's lead drug candidate, Aneustat™, has successfully completed a phase I/IIa clinical trial in cancer patients and is now entering phase II clinical trials for prostate cancer. 

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A Message from the Chairman & CEO

Our team embarked on an ambitious quest to develop novel therapeutics that would reduce cancer mortality.  We believe our Multifunctional Multitargeted (MFMT™) drug development platform provides this potential by creating orally delivered and safe multivalent I-O drugs that address the inherent complexity, heterogeneity and plasticity of cancer biology. In combination with other FDA approved drugs for certain late-stage cancers, and as monotherapy for early-stage disease, we believe our lead drug candidate Aneustat™ represents the manifestation of our vision, benefits of which will be demonstrated soon in phase II clinical trials for prostate cancer.

-  James Dao, Founder, Chairman & CEO

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