Aneustat™ is a non-toxic, orally delivered, multivalent I-O drug candidate designed to intercept, treat and prevent cancer.

Aneustat™ has successfully completed a mono therapy phase I/IIa clinical trial in patients with advanced treatment-refractory cancer. 

 Photo Credit: Mediaphotos

Photo Credit: Mediaphotos

Aneustat™ was designed with systems biology considerations to act on the heterogeneous characteristics of cancer cells, the multiple cell types in the tumor microenvironment and the patient's immune/inflammatory system. 

The drug's action is due to a Multifunctional Multitargeted (MFMT™) mechanism that overcomes the widely recognized limitations of monovalent and single targeted drugs, including limited effectiveness, serious side effects and the inevitable onset of drug resistance.

Aneustat™ is orally delivered and non-toxic.

Aneustat™ is entering phase II clinical trials for prostate cancer, the most prevalent cancer in American men.

Omnitura believes that the benefits of Aneustat™ will stimulate a paradigm shift in cancer treatment, and whether used alone or in combination with other cancer treatments, will become the foundational drug in the war on cancer.

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