Omnitura Therapeutics is commercializing Aneustat™, the world’s first omnivalent immuno-oncology drug candidate. Our initial disease focus is prostate cancer. Market launch is planned for 2021 or early 2022.

Aneustat™ is orally delivered and non-toxic. It has been shown to kill cancer cells at all stages of development through apoptosis without developing drug resistance. In combination with FDA approved standard-of-care drugs, Aneustat™ is expected to significantly improve efficacy and quality of life while avoiding or postponing the onset of drug resistance common to standard-of-care drugs.


For cancer patients, Aneustat™ is designed to:

  • simultaneously reboot the immune system and normalize key metabolic processes and the tumor micro-environment

  • prevent proliferation of cancer and comorbid diseases  

  • improve quality of life for cancer patients

  • reduce disease incidence

  • reduce healthcare costs arising from comorbidities

Omnitura invites R&D collaboration, using Aneustat™ as the foundational drug to repurpose blockbuster legacy drugs and allow new patent protection.

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