Omnitura’s Leadership Team is comprised of pioneers who have led a diversity of industries in innovation and change. Our shared belief in the need to develop omnivalent therapies that address the complex and heterogeneous nature of cancer serves as the foundation that inspires us and our collaborators to develop new medical solutions that address patient needs as well as issues of affordability and accessibility.

James Dao    |    CEO & Co-Founder

James Dao, educated in engineering physics at UC Berkeley, is a successful serial, high tech inventor and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley and Las Vegas with over 45 years of experience  in managing, inventing, developing and commercializing advanced technologies and innovative applications. Mr. Dao is known for creating successful commercialization of innovative products and business concepts by (1) focusing on objectives to benefit end users and society, (2) implementing out-of-the-box-thinking to reduce technical and financial risks, (3) creating win-win collaborations with like-minded individuals, academic institutions, government research centers and industry, (4) defining measurable outcomes for all collaborators in terms of Goodness, Glory and Gold. Based on these business principles Mr. Dao's innovative companies have stimulated successful paradigm shifts in their industries.

Mr. Dao co-founded Genyous, Inc. in 2000 to implement a vision of addressing cancer and comorbidities with a strategy based on systems biology considerations.  This strategy led to the creation of a diagnostic and pharmaceutical drug development platform for non-toxic, omnivalent molecularly directed therapies. Omnitura Therapeutics, Inc. is the second company to spin out from Genyous, Inc. to focus on commercializing Aneustat™, the world’s first multivalent immune-oncology drug candidate to treat cancer and co-existing chronic diseases.

Under Mr. Dao's leadership, Omnitura’s clinical trial team members and collaborators are among the best in the clinical research profession and industry.  Mr. Dao believes that Omnitura is ready to demonstrate a new paradigm in oncology to cure prostate cancer via a series of three clinical trials and within the next two years begin licensing to various pharmaceutical companies for distribution to patients in 2021.

James Levison  |    Corporate Secretary and Treasurer

James Levison serves as Omnitura’s Secretary and Treasurer and is a member of the finance committee. He is responsible for all equity and compensation transactions, and the management of cash planning and investments. Mr. Levison is a senior finance and operations executive with over forty years of experience. He is skilled in strategic and tactical financial affairs including P&L management, capital raising (public and private sector), negotiations, and treasury and cash management. Mr. Levison is highly experienced in contract management, banking relations, international operations, revenue recognition, taxation and financial reporting. Mr. Levison has previously served as Chief Financial Officer of Zephyr Photonics, Inc., Liquid Engines, Inc., and VP Finance of Think3, Inc. He holds an MBA from the Amos Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College.

David Wilson, Ph.D.    |    Chief Operating Officer - Clinical Trials Operations

Dr. David Wilson, as Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for the Omnitura clinical development program and strategic objectives. In addition, Dr. Wilson serves as the primary liaison to the FDA and has developed relationships to engage the agency and advance Aneustat™ as the foundational drug for the treatment of cancer.  Dr. Wilson has an excellent track record of bringing new pharmaceutical products through different phases of research, development and commercialization, including currently marketed products such as the immuno-oncology drugs Yervoy™ and Opdivo™. His strengths are strategic planning and resourceful, hands-on tactical management in focused product development projects from laboratory to launch, creation of operational infrastructure to support technology development, and leading multifunctional teams to optimize the values of science.

Steven Piantadosi, M.D.    |    Ph.D., Chief Clinical Trialist (CCT)

Dr. Steven Piantadosi serves as the Chief Clinical Trialist (CCT) for Omnitura. He leads the clinical trial strategy and trial protocol design to maximize the demonstration of drug value to patients while minimizing trial size and risk of failure. Currently, Dr. Piantadosi also serves as the Vice Chairman for Innovation for the National Clinical Trial Network (NCTN), funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). During 2007-2016, Dr. Piantadosi served as the Director of the Cancer Center at Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles. Prior to joining Cedars Sinai, Dr. Piantadosi was a Professor of Oncology at the Johns Hopkins University.  

Dr. Piantadosi is one of the world’s leading experts in the design and analysis of clinical trials for cancer research. In addition to advising both FDA and industry, he has served on external advisory boards for the National Institutes of Health and other prominent cancer programs and centers. The author of more than 230 peer-reviewed scientific articles, Dr. Piantadosi currently serves as senior editor of the Journal of Clinical Cancer Research. He has published extensively on research results, clinical applications, and trial methodology. While his papers have contributed to many diverse areas of oncology, he has also collaborated on studies in disciplines outside cancer including lung disease, AIDS and degenerative neurological diseases. Dr. Piantadosi is the author of “Clinical Trials: A Methodologic Perspective”, which is widely considered a classic textbook for clinical trials.

Matthew Martin    |    Chief Operating Officer - Products and Supply Chain Development

Matthew Martin serves as Omnitura’s COO of Products and Supply Chain Development. Mr. Martin leads the planning and transition from R&D scale manufacturing to high volume production and will lead the product launch scheduled for 2021. His 42-year tenure at Johnson & Johnson included experience in varied senior management roles in the health care industry related to medical devices and pharmaceuticals with leading Johnson & Johnson’s companies across UK, Canada, Australia and the USA. Most recently he was instrumental in growing the Botanical API business for J&J, as CEO of Noramco Tasmania Alkaloids, to a global leadership position through implementing clear strategies for growth that required a focus, execution and delivery culture within this global franchise. Throughout his career Mr. Martin has implemented innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to developing new products from both synthetic and natural approaches based on agricultural research providing strong intellectual property barriers and significant competitive advantages. 

Thomas Dao    |    Co-Founder, Director of Product and Supply Chain Development

Thomas Dao, Chemical Engineer and Process Developer, has led the sourcing and product development for Omnitura since inception of the company. Today Mr. Dao is also leading the scaling-up of manufacturing efforts.

John Ostrem, Ph.D.     |    Co-Founder, Sr. Vice President IP Management, Collaborative Research & Bioinformatics

Dr. John Ostrem serves as Omnitura’s Sr. VP IP Management Collaborative Research and Bioinformatics. In this role, he provides leadership in translational research as it relates to data analysis & mining. Dr. Ostrem has more than 30 years’ experience inventing new technology and bringing products to market. In 1982, he co-founded Communication Intelligence Corporation, a company specializing in natural input for mobile computing and communications and electronic signature solutions where he served for 15 years as CTO and Senior VP of Research and Engineering. In 2001 Dr. Ostrem co-founded China MobileSoft, a company that developed telecommunications software for the Chinese and International markets, and at various times served as Chairman, CEO, and CTO. Dr. Ostrem began his career as a scientist and researcher at SRI (the former Stanford Research Institute). He has many scientific publications and patents and additionally has received numerous grants and awards from the National Science Foundation and NIST.

Norman J. Maitland, Ph.D.    |    Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Norman J. Maitland, Ph.D. is Omnitura's Chief Scientist. Dr Maitland graduated with First Class Honors in Biochemistry from the University of Glasgow and holds a PhD in Cancer Studies from the University of Birmingham. Part of his postgraduate research was carried out as a Robertson Research Fellow in Cold Spring Harbor laboratory (New York) where he pioneered the introduction of DNA into mammalian cells to correct genetic defects. After postdoctoral research in Genetics at the University of Edinburgh, he was appointed as the first UK Lecturer in Molecular Pathology at the University of Bristol in 1983, to apply basic molecular biology in the diagnosis and treatment of clinical problems, including childhood, cervical and oral cancers. His current research is focused on studies of gene expression control in the prostate, therapy for human prostate cancer and the analysis of tissue stem cells from prostate in vivo and in vitro, which resulted in the isolation, characterization and translational exploitation of tumor initiating cells (or cancer stem cells) from human prostate cancers in 2005. He is past chair of the British Prostate Group, The European Society for Urological Research and has coordinated a number of pan-European Teams in Prostate Cancer Research. 

Simon Sutcliffe, M.D.    |    Vice Chairman, Societal Impact & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Simon Sutcliffe is Chief Medical Officer of Omnitura. In this capacity, he oversees the medical science, clinical development strategies, and the exploration of unmet medical needs that are well served by the Company's systems approach to therapy.

Dr. Sutcliffe has a broad medical career including research in microbiology and immunology, clinical research in oncology, and leadership in the management of cancer care institutions and organizations. He was a Professor of Radiology at the University of Toronto, and was the President and CEO of the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Sutcliffe has published extensively in the area of radiation and medical oncology as applied to the treatment of lymphoma, leukemia and endocrine malignancies, fertility and gonadal functions in cancer patients, and cellular immuno-deficiency and immuno-modulation in cancer. From 2000 to 2008 Dr. Sutcliffe served as President of the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA) in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

In January 2009 Dr. Sutcliffe was appointed Chairman of the Canadian Cancer Control Organization. Dr. Sutcliffe also serves as the President of the International Cancer Control Congress and President of Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration (the Canadian branch of the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research). Through these programs, Dr. Sutcliffe is actively involved in cancer-related healthcare projects in India, Nepal, Brazil and Tanzania.

Larry Goldenberg, M.D.    |    Chief Medical Officer, Prostate Cancer

Dr. Larry Goldenberg serves as Omnitura’s Chief Medical Officer, Prostate Cancer. Dr. Goldenberg is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Urologic Sciences at University of British Columbia (UBC), Director of Clinical Research at the Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital, and a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health sciences. He is a co-founder of the Canadian Urologic-Oncology Group, and past-president of both the Canadian Urological Association and the Western section of the American Urological Association (USA and Canada). Through his vision and leadership, the Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital has developed into one of the top prostate research, education and healthcare delivery programs in the world.

Dr. Goldenberg was a pioneer in the use of intermittent hormone withdrawal for the management of prostate cancer, which is now used worldwide as a treatment option for this disease.


Stephen Lam, M.D.    |    Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Lung Cancer

Dr. Stephen Lam serves as Omnitura’s Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Lam is a doctor of pulmonary medicine and is Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He serves as Chairman of the Lung Tumour Group at the BC Cancer Agency. He has served on advisory committees at the U.S. Department of Health and the National Cancer Institute in functional imaging, biomarkers and chemoprevention committees. He is an advisor to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the University of Colorado for their Specialized Program of Research Excellence in Lung Cancer.

Dr. Lam was the past president of the International Photodynamic Association, Regent of the World Association of Bronchology, and Governor of the American College of Chest Physicians in British Columbia. He is the principal investigator of several U.S. NCI sponsored Phase I and Phase II clinical trials of chemo preventive agents that include both prescription drugs and natural products. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed articles, 11 patents and 27 book chapters.

Dr. Lam is internationally recognized for his 25 years of scientific research in early lung cancer detection and chemoprevention and holds numerous awards for his contributions.


Steven J. Pandol, M.D.,    |    Chief Medical Officer, GI Cancers and Disorders

Dr. Stephen J. Pandol serves as Chief Medical Officer, G.I. Cancers and Disorders for Omnitura. Dr. Pandol is currently Director, Basic and Translational Pancreas Research and Leader of Translational Oncology at Cedars Sinai-Medical Center; and Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He is founder of Avenzoar Pharmaceutics, a company developing agents for treatment and prevention of therapy resistance of metastatic cancer focused on pancreatic cancer and other gastrointestinal cancers.; and Lucid Sciences which develops advanced 3D and VR imaging techniques for precision medicine applications.

Dr. Pandol is Co-Leader of the United States Consortium on Chronic Pancreatitis, Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer which is developing methods for early identification and treatment of pancreatic cancer. He is a past president of the American Pancreatic Association; and currently the editor for Frontiers in Gastrointestinal Sciences and an editor for the American Journal of Physiology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Dr. Pandol is a leading international authority in gastroenterology and pancreatology. He heads a large research group devoted to understanding the mechanisms underlying several medical disorders including cancer, especially pancreatic cancer, inflammatory diseases of the pancreas, diabetes and obesity. The research is designed to provide information needed for treatment and prevention of these disorders. He has published over 300 scientific articles, book chapters and topic reviews. Internationally, he lectures and leads symposia related to his research results and strategies for cures for these disorders.

Jerry Norskog    |    Executive VP, Strategic Business Development

Jerry Norskog serves as Omnitura's Executive Vice President of Strategic Business Development. Mr. Norskog provides valuable insight on the global pharmaceutical markets and guidance on the cultivation of joint ventures and manufacturing & distribution alliances. Mr. Norskog has over thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has held numerous senior management positions for various divisions of Johnson & Johnson in North America and throughout Asia Pacific. His Asia experience includes serving as President of Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd., a Johnson & Johnson joint venture with the Chinese Government, which was ranked among the top ten best ventures in China since 1991. Mr. Norskog also served as President of Johnson & Johnson China Development.

Susan Alter    |    VP Financing and Corporate Communications

Susan Alter serves as our Vice President of Financing and Corporate Communications. Ms. Alter is a business professional and entrepreneur with a diverse skill set within various disciplines including product design and development, botanical formulation and marketing surgical facility licensure and management, business development, financial analysis, managed care and reimbursement systems and public speaking. She has formulated over 150 products for parent company and subsidiaries in the biopharmaceutical, medical food and nutritional supplement and drink sectors and currently holds four domestic / international patents. 

Ms. Alter started her career as a financial analyst/consultant with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette negotiating bridge financing, and debt restructuring. She was an integral component of capital fun raising and prospectus composition. She utilized her financial expertise to become managing partner/ owner of Willow Glen Enterprises which included multiple ambulatory surgical centers with revues of over $175 million a year. She subsequently became Executive Director of Sutherland Holdings Limited and developed two additional surgical centers that offered comprehensive healthcare in the occupational science sector.