Omnitura Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company commercializing a new class of Omnivalent Immuno-Oncology Therapy designed to address the Fundamental Complexity of Cancer and Comorbid Chronic Diseases with a Whole Systems Biology Approach.

Our initial disease focus in prostate cancer. Our lead drug candidate, Aneustat™, has an expected market launch in 2021 or early 2022.

Aneustat™ is orally delivered and non-toxic. It has been shown to kill cancer cells at all stages of development through apoptosis without developing drug resistance. In combination with FDA approved standard-of-care drugs, Aneustat™ is expected to significantly improve efficacy and quality of life while avoiding or postponing the onset of drug resistance common to standard-of-care drugs.

Omnitura invites R&D collaboration, using Aneustat™ as the foundational drug to repurpose blockbuster legacy drugs and allow new patent protection.

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A Message from the Chairman & CEO

Our team embarked on an ambitious quest to develop novel therapeutics that would reduce cancer mortality.  We believe our Multifunctional Multitargeted (MFMT™) drug development platform provides this potential by creating orally delivered and safe immuno-oncology drugs that address the inherent complexity, heterogeneity and plasticity of cancer biology. In combination with other FDA approved drugs for certain late-stage cancers, and as monotherapy for early-stage disease, we believe our lead drug candidate Aneustat™ represents the manifestation of our vision, benefits of which will be demonstrated soon in multiple Phase II/III clinical trials.

-  James Dao, Founder, Chairman & CEO

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