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Invitation for R&D Collaboration on a Paradigm Shift to Intercept, Treat and Prevent Recurrence of Cancer and Comorbidities.

For information about opportunities for collaboration with Aneustat™ and Omnitura Therapeutics download this PDF.


A Collaborative Research Approach

Since inception, Omnitura has achieved extraordinary results through a collaborative research approach. We have sought like-minded thought leaders in critical scientific and medical fields to support our discovery and development programs. We have come together with creative subject matter experts who share our belief in the need to develop omnivalent therapies that address the complex and heterogeneous nature of cancer. This shared belief serves as the foundation that inspires us and our collaborators to develop new medical solutions that address patient needs as well as issues of affordability and accessibility across all geographies and economic levels. Through our collaborative translational research programs, we expect to develop infrastructure and processes that will further expedite medical discoveries by creating shared repositories of human biomedical data and samples.

Our highly innovative team—comprising over 50 innovative scientists, physicians, and technologists—is led by our founder, Chairman and Co-CEO, James Dao. Our team includes scientists in agriscience, natural products, developmental biology, analytical chemistry, bio-mechanisms, neuroimmunology, molecular biology, disease development, drug resistance, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, in vitro and in vivo models, and clinical development.