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This web site may request you to provide personal information in a number of areas on a voluntary basis. Below are some of these situations in particular:

Contact Us: If you send us an email or fill out the contact us page to request information or make a comment, we will then use this information to respond to you. Sometimes we may make personal information available to subsidiaries or affiliates of Omnitura to better address your request. The terms "subsidiaries" and "affiliates" throughout this legal statement include subsidiaries and affiliated business entities whom Omnitura has a controlling/ownership interest of.

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Cookies: We currently do not use any cookies on this website but may do so in the future to allow customization of information. When that happens, this privacy policy will be updated to reflect pertinent changes.

Omnitura collects information such as IP addresses, site visits, and page-viewing patterns for the purposes of system administration and to create aggregate statistical reports. Omnitura has offices in the U.S. and Canada and information may be transferred electronically between one office and another. Occasionally Omnitura may be required to disclose your personal information to third parties under unique circumstances. A few examples may be to contractors for items such as technical support, to law-enforcing entities as required by laws or government policies, or to entities in connection with the sale or other transfer of the operation or business of this website.

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